Jest już krótka lista książek nominowanych do nagrody Boardmana-Taskera, najważniejszej nagrody literackiej, po Banff, w domenie książek górskich, a właściwie górsko-outdoorowych.

Oto nominowane książki:

A third volume of memoirs of mountaineering in the greater ranges, written in Fowler’s inimitable style; self-deprecating, understated, never taking himself too seriously while at the same time conveying that what he is engaged in is very serious indeed.

Vertebrate Publishing

A gripping account of an epic journey, fraught with difficulties and dangers, made by the writer and her partner following the old Silk Road through many different countries.

Dey Street Books

A wide-ranging anthology of essays and articles by the prize-winning Canadian climber and journalist reflecting his life-long affair with mountains and mountain people.

Rocky Mountain Books

An account of the life and death of the influential Austrian climber who soloed many first ascents In the Eastern Alps scorning artificial aids in preference for an ethically pure Alpine style.

Rocky Mountain Books

An engaging account of the changes that took place in American rock climbing in the ‘70s and ‘80s told with great verve, through the stories of some fascinating characters from died-in-the-wool bottom-up traditionalists to top-down rap-bolters.

Muntaineers Books

Poems inspired by climbing.’ An outstanding second collection by the poet and novelist examining ambition, failure, risk and where to draw the line in settings ranging from the gritstone crags to the Alps and further afield.

The Poetry Business


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